鼻そうめんP-Hiroyuki Odaさんの最近の曲


Hiroyuki Oda has recently released a new track.  Psytrance, but another masterpiece just like his other tracks.  Did you know he’s also a pro manga artist?  Crazy talented.

VST LFotool instead of compressing with sidechain!

Sidechain compressing to tuck sound for the kick is a common technique, and this is something I have practiced.  Now I found something even better!  LFOtool, this vst plugin allows you to do the tucking without actually adding a sidechain signal track separately.


Ableton Live 64bit Win. importing video/動画のインポート

最近Ableton Live 10にアップグレードをして、はじめて動画を使ってみようかと思ってmp4ファイルを用意した。
すんなり行くと思ったらどうやらWindows 64bitではmov/mp4ともにビデオのコーデックを別にインストールしてあげないといけない事が以下の情報による分かった。以下のリンクはAbleton公式フォーラムでAbleton側から公開されているので信頼できる内容。

リンクの”Download these”の2つをインストールすれば解決。

Are you a 64 bit Windows user having trouble importing  .mov/.mp4 files into Ableton Live?  Well, I certainly did.  But not to worry, here’s an easy solution.  Just have to help out Ableton and Windows with the proper codec treatment.  Link is above, download and install the 2 files as instructed! 

Thank you Robert Miles / ロバート・マイルズ ありがとう。

This was news back in May, but I thought I’d write about it because Robert Miles’ music meant a lot to me.  Especially his release “Children”.   I still remember when I first heard this song around the year 1997.  It was so beautiful and left a huge impact on me.  Not to mention it helped me through some hard times.   This track could easily get me started with tears, but now that the producer is gone it is even more emotional.  Thanks for the beautiful music and a huge thanks to the impact you have left for the electronic music world.  47 is just too young … 🙁


FFVI Celes’s theme ! / FFVI セレスのテーマ曲。

You’d never know this was originally a piece from a game.  Amazing live orchestral cover!  I’d probably cry lol


Uploaded a new DJ Mix.

Cover-This is Hard House (1920x1200)
I uploaded a new DJ Mix today.
Some nice classic energetic Hard House at around BPM 145.
Not a full set long mix, but hope you enjoy it.

久しぶりにDJ Mix 作りました。

1.) 00:00~ Ayla – Ayla (Technikal Remix)
2.) 05:28~ NG Rezonance – I’m Not Technikal
3.) 09:04~ Steve Hill vs Technikal feat. Nathalie – Damaged (Original Mix)
4.) 15:07~ Stimulant DJs – Fuck Da Beatz (Original Mix)
5.) 21:54~ Tony De Vit – Give Me a Reason (Guyver Remix)
6.) 26:20~ Tidy Boys & Technikal – The Danger (Original Mix)
7.) 30:35~ Costa Pantazis and Guyver – Vienen (NG Rezonance Dub)
8.) 35:10~ BK & Steve Hill – Temptation (Technikal Remix)
9.) 39:33~ Masif DJs – Rapture (Steve Hill vs Technikal Remix)

To listen:

To download:
Download MP3 (Skip registration and hit Download/登録不要です)

I thought vinyls were a thing of the past.


I used to be a proud owner of the Technics 1200-MK3D, but seeing how the vinyl sales were decreasing, and the club standards were switching over to CDJs, I let go of my precious turn tables… This was like 4 years ago.
Now it is said, or not said, but it is a fact that vinyls sales are increasing around the world.
The younger generation actually understand the “Loudness War”, and appreciate the dynamics and warm sounds you get from vinyl.
As someone in their 30s, I think this is pretty cool and exciting.  With this sales, Panasonic has released some great news about the revival of vinyl record players.

が、しかし今となって若者達がアナログレコードの音質の暖かさ、そして繊細なところに惹かれているという。というか、気づいた?と言った方が良いのか。最近のCDや音楽業界は、基本的に音を最大にうるさくするよう最終加工 (マスタリング)をしていて、これは音のアップ&ダウンがわかりにくくなっていて、せっかくドラマティックになっているはずの曲もそれを失ってしまうことになる。詳し知りたいかたは “Loudness War”で調べるとこの問題・記事がたくさん出てくる。

Making music still my hobby?



Yes, I still do make music.  Here’s a glimpse at what i’m working on now.
Must come up with the main melody…