Nier Automata / ニーアオートマタ

Me being totally optimistic about the release of Nier Automata, I hesitated on buying it on release day for the PS4.  Good thing I did!  Soon I found out  that it will be released on Steam for PC play.  I went ahead and purchased it on Steam, hooked up my PS4 controller and everything was perfect!  Well … not perfect, there were some issues with the nvidia driver crashing randomly, and full screen resolutions not working as intended.  These were all worked out by reading the discussion forums on Steam.  I won’t go into details for the resolution/full screen dilemma,  but the random nvidia crash can usually be solved by changing your graphic card’s performance to maximum (not energy save mode).  AND of course, you should have the lates drivers installed.  Seems like you have to play the game over 2+ rounds, but I’ve only played 1 round.  Might play for the 2nd, but that is it for me.  The whole environment and world is nice, but the devs should have added more content.   I’m sure the majority of people would be on the same page as me when I say Nier Replicant was better.

ニーアオートマタの発売日に買うかどうか悩んでいたけれど、少しまった悩んだかいがあった!SteamでWindowsでプレイ出来るのがわかったので、Steamで購入する事に。PS4のコントローラでプレイできるのでPS4でやるのと同じ。完璧!と思ったけれど、フルスクリーン時の解像度の問題やnvidiaのドライバーがランダムにクラッシュする問題があった。いずれもSteamの掲示板で同じような人が質問してるのでパソコン初心者でなければ問題解決は簡単。nvidiaのクラッシュについてはパフォーマンスが初期設定で省エネに設定されてるので、これをMaximum Performanceへ変更すれば問題ない。ドライバーは最新のをインストールすることをおすすめする。前作のニーアレプリカントの方が正直楽しいけれど、世界観はばっちり引き継いでるので楽しめるはず。ただ、一周目は主に球をうちっぱなしみたいな戦い方がメインになるので少しつまらないかも。ワールド自体ももうちょっとでかくして行ける場所も増やして欲しかった。

VR CS:GO ? / VRカウンターストライク ?

VRもまだまだだな~と思いつつ、最近こんなのを発見。カウンターストライクかなりやったな~。これでやったら超楽しそうだし、何気に運動になるな。笑 ただし、キーボード+マウスのプレイヤーに勝てるわけがない。これで対戦するなら全員同じ条件で楽しめそう。

This looks awesome!  Not just because i’m a long time CS player, but it feels like VR is getting a big step forward with this futuristic Virtuix Omni hardware.  The issue is this is that I only find it fair if ever player is playing with the same gear.  No way you’re going to beat a mouse+keyboard my friend..

Mighty No.9 / マイティーナンバーナイン


It’s finally here, Mighty No.9 has been released!  Been so long since this project started as a Kickstarter funding project.
This looks like Megaman?  Of course, the original creator pretty much produced a new modern age Megaman.   I’m guessing it wouldn’t be as close to being as hard as before, but still hyped!
I haven’t played it yet, but I should do a review blog soon 🙂