Razer mamba tournament edition.

My piece of shit logicool mouse started to act up on me, so I had to replace it with a never owned Razer mouse.  I already own a Razer Chroma keyboard, so why not get a matching device?  Everytime you switch mouses, you get that awkward feeling on your palm, so i’m pretty sure it’ll take a few days to get used to.

A bad habit / 悪い癖

There’s nothing better than the feeling of making something.  Can be food, music, art, games, poems, or anything you could imagine.  I always seem to get sidetracked when it comes to computer related stuff.   I have a bad habit of wanting to try something, but not simply trying but getting to the intermediate level at it.  Just the sense of feeling all mighty with your all-around-skill sets is satisfying.  
Down side; the limited time we have in life, I came to a conclusion that you can only be good at so much if you’re doing like 10 different things.   If you stick with the few, you will become a master in time.   Just depends on your preference.   I wouldn’t say which one is superior, just a taste of your style. 

Blender is fun / 3DCGソフトのBlenderは楽しい

I gotta do SOMETHING in blender before I forget the shortcuts again.  Made something very simple from my youtube studies.  I’ve made low poly trees in the past, but this time using the modifier skin method.  This is quite handy and fun!  I love how in the world of Art, there are various ways to achieve the one results you’re shooting for.  At the end it all comes down to your method that allows you to sit in your comfort zone, or efficiency of course.

最近Blender 3DCGソフトを起動していなかったので、久しぶりに起動。ローポリの世界が大好きな俺だからまたローポリーの木。いつもは下から上までエクストルードで伸ばしていってそのまま木が完成するけれど、今日は新しいyoutubeで見たやりかたで作ってみた。Modifiers – > Skinを使うと便利だし楽しい。アートの世界共通である程度同じだと思うのは、同じデザインにたどり着くのには何通りのやり方があって、その中でも一番効率が良い方法や自分に合った方法で進めて行くんだな~って事。


スッキリで”カップルや夫婦で女性の下着屋へ一緒に行く人”で一般投票がなし: 約19000であり:約16000だった。
Apparently in Japan, a lot of people still find it disturbing or rather annoying when they see a couple going into a lingerie.  This has got to be a cultural thing.  Probably coming from the shy Japanese culture.   The morning TV show was taking statistics live and the outcome was around 19000 nay, against 16000 yes. 😛