RIP Stan Lee

Rest in peace Stan Lee.  Thanks for all your wonderful creations.

Venom / ヴェノム

One of Marvel’s loved villains, Venom!   The movie was released in November for Japan and I couldn’t wait to get my seat in the theaters.
Despite the imdb rating of 7 (as of Nov.2018) the movie was pretty good.  I very much enjoyed how Tom Hardy didn’t play his stereotypical macho type of guy.  Now I know everyone wishes for an all-star with Spiderman himself in the coming series…if there are any. 


Open Broadcast Software open source! 無料スクリーンキャプチャOBS

スクリーン上を動画としてキャプチャするには一昔まえまでは、FRAPSやBandicamが主流だったのではないだろうか?今はめちゃくちゃ便利なOBS(Open Broadcaste Software)がある!ってこの間知った。しかも、オープンソースだから無料。しかもしかも、streamingも直接他のtwitch等にリンクさせて行えるという優れもの。もう言うことなしでしょ。。後は動画も編集できたら神ソフトが誕生しちゃうわけだ。とにかく、ありがたや。

Recording your screen or games?   Fraps or other software such as Bandicam was the go-to software but now we have OBS!  Open source = Free.  Too good to be true.  And you can directly stream since you could link your key to twitch!  Not that I have ever streamed in my life.  Still a neat feature right.

Mount Takao / 久しぶりの高尾山

Mount Takao is one of the closest mountains you could climb in Tokyo.  It’s about an hour away from Shinjuku, and the climb is easy and great for casual hiking. 
It has been over 10 years since my last visit and it was refreshing to see new shops at the entrance.  Mount Takao is a perfect getaway from all the congestion in Tokyo.

東京からわりとアクセスがよく自然を味わいつつ、初心者に優しい登山にはもってこいなのではないか。 本気の登山者からしたら、この山は登山には入らないと言われそうだからハイキングと言っても良いのかも。
久しぶりの森は癒やしだね! 新しいお店も増えてて楽しかった。

Steins; gate 0


Nobuo Uematsu taking a break for health reasons / 植松伸夫さんお大事に


Nobuo Uematsu announced that he will be taking a break from work due to health reasons.  It SOUNDS serious… I know those of you who became one with the Final Fantasy series are praying for him.  I know I am! 
He is super talents without question.  He is a self-taught artist.  Not unusual these days but back in his days, it was not common.  Mad props for that.

鼻そうめんP-Hiroyuki Odaさんの最近の曲


Hiroyuki Oda has recently released a new track.  Psytrance, but another masterpiece just like his other tracks.  Did you know he’s also a pro manga artist?  Crazy talented.

Server migration nearly finished / サーバ引越し作業ほぼ終わり

btro.jpをもっとパワフルな環境へお引越しということで、Cent OS7にするかCentos6で行くか悩んだ結果 サービス制御の新しいコマンドが打ちなれてないから安定のCentos6.xで。
Wordpress, Owncloud, phpbbがメインのアプリだけど、今回はphpbbをやめてmybbを使ってみることにした。権限の管理等のGUIが楽らしい?まだ使いこんでないからわからんな。後はowncloudのインストールとSSLを導入すればとりあえず完了。

I’m nearly finished migrating servers to a better spec and different OS.
I mainly use my server for my personal domain’s email, wordress, owncloud, and phpbb.  Installed and got everything working.  Just need to finish up installign owncloud.  This time around I ditched phpbb to try out mybb.   I’ve read reviews that the permission related GUI is easier and more efficient compared to phpbb.  Hopefully this decision was right!

Mars Attacks / マーズ・アタック


I decided to dig through some old scifi movies I’ve missed in the past.  Mars Attacks’ cover was definitely one of the strong ones in my memory so decided to give this a go.   I didn’t even know the director was Tim Burton.  I enjoy all Tim Burton’s films.  I began to watch the movie with that Burton expectation.
A well-paced culty fun film!  I believe it’s worth spending some time to watch this if you haven’t already.

Nami Tamaki – Believe remix / 玉置成実 Believe リミックス

I finished my remix of “Believe” by Nami Tamaki.  Known for one of the opening songs of Gundam Seed back in the early 2000s.


Download / ダウンロード