鼻そうめんP-Hiroyuki Odaさんの最近の曲


Hiroyuki Oda has recently released a new track.  Psytrance, but another masterpiece just like his other tracks.  Did you know he’s also a pro manga artist?  Crazy talented.

Server migration nearly finished / サーバ引越し作業ほぼ終わり

btro.jpをもっとパワフルな環境へお引越しということで、Cent OS7にするかCentos6で行くか悩んだ結果 サービス制御の新しいコマンドが打ちなれてないから安定のCentos6.xで。
Wordpress, Owncloud, phpbbがメインのアプリだけど、今回はphpbbをやめてmybbを使ってみることにした。権限の管理等のGUIが楽らしい?まだ使いこんでないからわからんな。後はowncloudのインストールとSSLを導入すればとりあえず完了。

I’m nearly finished migrating servers to a better spec and different OS.
I mainly use my server for my personal domain’s email, wordress, owncloud, and phpbb.  Installed and got everything working.  Just need to finish up installign owncloud.  This time around I ditched phpbb to try out mybb.   I’ve read reviews that the permission related GUI is easier and more efficient compared to phpbb.  Hopefully this decision was right!

Mars Attacks / マーズ・アタック


I decided to dig through some old scifi movies I’ve missed in the past.  Mars Attacks’ cover was definitely one of the strong ones in my memory so decided to give this a go.   I didn’t even know the director was Tim Burton.  I enjoy all Tim Burton’s films.  I began to watch the movie with that Burton expectation.
A well-paced culty fun film!  I believe it’s worth spending some time to watch this if you haven’t already.

VST LFotool instead of compressing with sidechain!

Sidechain compressing to tuck sound for the kick is a common technique, and this is something I have practiced.  Now I found something even better!  LFOtool, this vst plugin allows you to do the tucking without actually adding a sidechain signal track separately.


Ableton Live 64bit Win. importing video/動画のインポート

最近Ableton Live 10にアップグレードをして、はじめて動画を使ってみようかと思ってmp4ファイルを用意した。
すんなり行くと思ったらどうやらWindows 64bitではmov/mp4ともにビデオのコーデックを別にインストールしてあげないといけない事が以下の情報による分かった。以下のリンクはAbleton公式フォーラムでAbleton側から公開されているので信頼できる内容。

リンクの”Download these”の2つをインストールすれば解決。

Are you a 64 bit Windows user having trouble importing  .mov/.mp4 files into Ableton Live?  Well, I certainly did.  But not to worry, here’s an easy solution.  Just have to help out Ableton and Windows with the proper codec treatment.  Link is above, download and install the 2 files as instructed! 

Granny Smith Apple Pie / グラニースミスのアップルパイ


グラニースミスのアップルパイをUber Eatsで注文。前から気になってたけれど、tabelogで調べたら高評価じゃん。評価通りに美味しいアップルパイ。甘さも少し控えめでこれは日本人向けに調整しているんじゃないかな。機会があればお店で食べるのもありだな。手土産なんかにお勧め、盛り上がるに間違いない!

Into Apple Pie?  You should try out Granny Smith Apple Pie & Coffee.  I didn’t visit the actual store but instead test ordered via Uber Eats.  Tabelog’s rating looked promising, and the Apple Pie DID live up to its reputation.

Movie: Sing, fun but average.

I wanted to watch Sing once this was available for rental.   Just as expected, a fun piece but average and nothing that leaves you thinking about the movie the next day.  I felt the same way with Pets so I didn’t bother going to the theater for this one.  I’d still recommend it as a movie to just kick back and watch.






Despicable Me 3 / 怪盗グルーのミニオン大脱走

Being a Minion fan, I had to go watch this.  It ranks 3rd place out of the previous series, but nevertheless fun and enjoying.  So, I wanted to know if everyone else was on the same page for ranking.
Here’s what I found on IMDB: (As of today)
Despicable Me 1 – 7.7
Despicable Me 2 – 7.4
Despicable Me 3 – 6.4

A-ha!  I totally agree with this. 

1 – 7.7
2 – 7.4
3 – 6.4